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My Top 30 Films of 2010!

Here is my top 30 films of 2010.

There may be some foreign movies you could argue were released elsewhere before 2010 but for my list, if its come out in the US in some form in '10 then its eligible. Be warned im horrible with writing out my opinions in any kind of intelligent way so my feelings will be expressed with such words as "cool" or "awesome". So lower your standards right now.
So here it is.
Ill start with Number 30:

30. The Human Centipede

- This got a lot of hype based on how Sick people thought it was going to be. Sure the idea is gross but not a lot is really shown and i never felt grossed out watching it. Maybe im just jaded. DESPITE that i thought it was a great film itself and I really loved it. I didnt need to be spoonfed the sick images. I could use my imagination.

29. Rampage

- Holy shit! A Uwe Boll movie makes a Top list of mine! What can I say, the man made a great movie finally. This movie got me hooked and i thought it was very powerful and well made. Yeah i said it.

28. The Good, The Bad, The Weird

- I picked this up on blu-ray as a blind buy, just based off of the trailer for it. It lived up to my expectations. Just an epic ball of awesomeness. Insanely incredible action. Really recommend if you enjoyed movies like Kung Fu Hustle. Has that same kind of fun to it.

27. Kick-Ass

- Really fun flick. As most people thought, Hit-Girl stole the show. Looking forward to the sequel.

26. Resident Evil: Afterlife

-After the somewhat abysmal parts 2 and 3, I really enjoyed Afterlife. Its still just movie junk food but its damn delicious.

25. Repo Men

- As a Repo: The Genetic Opera fan i was supposed to hate this...but i really dug it. Sorry. I loved its sick sense of humor.

24. Black Death

- Really bleak and slow film thats probably not for everyone but i really loved it. Would go as a great double feature to Witchfinder General.

23. The Book of Eli

-Wasnt expecting much from this but instead found an extremely entertaining and bleak post apocalyptic flick with great characters and great action.

22. Jackass 3-D

- You either love Jackass or you hate it. I love it. Though i thought this was my least favorite of the Jackass films, its still more fun than most movies out there.

21. Tron: Legacy

- Even after loving this, i still have NEVER seen the original Tron. So I didnt go in as a set fan. I still loved it and thought the visuals were just amazing.

20. The Expendables

- Great mashup of all the great 80s and 90s action stars. Lots of fun. Hoping for sequels.

19. Predators

- Finally getting away from the Alien VS Predator flicks, this gets its inspiration from the original badass flick. While it doesnt reach the greatness i was hoping, its still an awesome and fun flick and the best Predator film since the original.

18. Piranha 3-D

- What can you say, its just fun as hell. Blood, gore, boobs, sex, puked up penises... how can you not love it.

17. The House of the Devil

- A very creepy and slow burning horror flick. I really got into it and loved all the performances. I also loved the look of the film. Great stuff.

16. Serbian Film

- Again, maybe im jaded, but this didnt sicken me as it has many others. Doesnt change the fact that its an intense and great film. Stuck with me for days after seeing it.

15. Hatchet 2

- Victor Crowley is back and ready to fuck some shit up. Id say this is right on par with the first one for me. Gory goodness.

14. Paranormal Activity 2

-Last year i put Paranormal Activity as my number 2 film of the year. So the fact that this is 14 might make it seem like it really dissapointed but it did not. When i first saw it i thought it was probably as good as the first. But after i saw it i didnt get creeped out like i did the first. Just didnt stick to me like the original. I still loved it and its one of the best ive seen this year.

13. Splice

-A demented and cool little flick. The FX for DREN was amazing and i really love Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody and thought they were great in this.

12. The Town

- Ben Affleck has become a great director. First Gone Baby Gone and now this. Both great and engrossing flicks.

11. The Killer Inside Me

-Definitely not for everyone. A brutal and nihilistic film starring Casey Affleck as one sick individual. He was probably one of my favorite characters ive seen in a film this year.

and here are my TOP 10 FILMS OF 2010.....

10. Clive Barker's Dread

-The only good thing to come out of Horrorfest this year. A sick and dark little film. Id actually put this above Midnight Meat Train in my opinion. Great little horror flick. Highly recommend. Also probably my favorite ending of any film this year.

9. REC 2

- Just as good as the first one. They did a great job connecting everything and I love that you can watch 1 and 2 back to back and itll feel like 1 long movie. Cant wait to see where the series goes next.

8. The Crazies

- Another remake to go in the Great Remakes pile. This was handled greatly and i loved the cast and thought they did a good job of taking the central idea of the original and then made their own film.

7. Frozen

- Yet another great Adam Green film and easily my favorite of his. Its sad this didnt get better distribution because I think it could have played well in wide release. Kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

6. Black Dynamite

-EASILY the funniest movie ive seen in years. Cant remember how long its been since ive seen a movie this funny and with as many great quotes. SEE THIS FUCKING MOVIE. If you dont laugh, you dont have a soul. And remember: Doughnuts dont wear alligator shoes.

5. Shutter Island

- Scorcese is still one of the best and I loved every twist and turn in this great flick.

4. Inception

- I regret not seeing this in theaters but once i saw it on bluray, i watched it twice and its just an incredible movie. I personally enjoyed this more than The Dark Knight.

3. The Loved Ones

- Im including this on year despite not getting a US release yet. I know its played some festivals and its out in the UK. This was such a great and twisted little flick. Goes along with movies like MAY and other Fucked Up Girls flicks. When this gets released...Seek it out!

2. Scott Pilgrim VS The World

- A perfect movie. Funny, sweet, awesome, hilarious. Incredible soundtrack. Also you cant go wrong with Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Droooool.

and my Number 1 film of 2010 is.....


- I had no idea what to expect when i rented this. At most I was hoping for a decent thriller. I watched it and thought it was amazing. Then i rushed out and bought it on bluray and watched it again... and then again. I went online and talked about its twists and meanings with others that loved it. If you go on the imdb boards and boards youll see thousands and thousands of posts discussing the film. You WANT to talk about it. You like to throw your theories around and catch others. It sticks with you and keeps you thinking about it. I think its a great great film and its my personal favorite movie of 2010.

Since i told you the best, ill also tell you the worst.

The Worst Film of 2010 was easily 8213 Gacy House.
With Zombies of Mass Destruction coming in as runner up.

See ya next year!

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Hey! Look Behind You! said...

I had a feeling you were going to drop The Triangle as your #1. I forgot to add it on my list. Boo.

Good picks, I'm looking forward to seeing The Loved Ones. I've heard it was pretty spiffy.