Sunday, January 10, 2010

My DAWN OF THE DEAD collection

DAWN OF THE DEAD. The Greatest movie ever made.

Screw The Godfather. Screw Citizen Kane.

Dawn of the Dead beats em all.

Last night i got to meet Gaylen Ross and it inspired me to make this blog with everything that i own DAWN related and pictures of all the actors/actresses/crew of Dawn of the Dead. So heres everything....
oh and the pics are small but if you click on any of them you can see it Full Size.

Starting off with pics of me and the various Dawn of the Dead stars.....

David Crawford (Dr. Foster)

Jim Krut (Helicopter Zombie) and Nick Tallo (Biker)

Scott Reineger (Roger)

Tom Savini (FX, Blades)

Tom Savini

Tom Savini

Ken Foree (Peter)

Roy Frumkes ('Pie in the Face Zombie, Director of Document of the Dead)

George Romero (Director)

Leonard Lies (Machete Zombie)

George Romero and Joe Pilato (Dock Cop) along with the cast of Day of the Dead

George Romero

Frank Serrao (Grey Suit Zombie)

Gaylen Ross (Fran)

John Amplas (Martinez Gang Member)

Tom Savini

David Emge (Stephen aka 'Flyboy')

George Romero

Mike Christopher (Hara Krishna Zombie)

Ken Foree

Ken Foree

Ken Foree

Tony Buba (Blood Pressure Biker) and David Early (Mr. Berman)

James Baffico (Wooley)

David Crawford

David Crawford

Joe Pilato

Scott Reineger

David Emge

and now heres all the Dawn related stuff i own.

Dawn of the Dead blu-ray

Dawn of the Dead: Ultimate Edition

*signed by George Romero*

Dawn of the Dead (Divimax Edition)

Dawn of the Dead (VHS Collectors Edition)

Dawn of the Dead playing cards

Dawn of the Dead clock

Hara Krishna Zombie figure

Plaid Zombie figure

Flyboy Zombie figure

Plaid Zombie figure

Blades figure

Flyboy figure

Machete Zombie figure

my little setup

Dawn of the Dead poster book
*signed by Tom Savini*

Dawn of the Dead full-size poster

Dawn of the Dead comics

Dawn of the Dead Original Board Game!!
*signed by George Romero and Tom Savini*

Dawn of the Dead collage

Here are my Dawn of the Dead mini-posters:

*signed by Gaylen Ross, Scott Reineger, David Emge*

Here is my prize autographed item. a Dawn of the Dead fold out poster of the exploding head signed by 21 of the Dawn folk. Its signed by: James Baffico, Ken Foree, Tom Savini, Marty Schiff (Pie Throwing Biker), Nick Tallo, Roy Frumkes, Leonard Lies, David Early, David Crawford, Mike Christopher, David Emge, Scott Reineger, John Amplas, Sharon Ceccatti (Nurse Zombie), Clayton Hill (Escalator Zombie, George Romero, Joe Pilato, Gaylen Ross, Tony Buba, Bob Michelletti (Scope Zombie), Jim Krut.

Here are 8by10s from the Dawn cast. Not all of the 8by10s are FROM Dawn.

John Amplas, Tom Savini

Frank Serrao, David Emge

Sharon Ceccatti (Nurse Zombie), Sharon Ceccati and Clayton Hill (Escalator Zombie)

Ken Foree and George Romero

Scott Reineger and Roy Frumkes

Jim Krut and James Baffico

Ken Foree and Leonard Lies

David Early and Tony Buba

David Crawford, Mike Christopher, and Marty Schiff

Dawn of the Dead pin

Flyboy T-Shirt

Dawn of the Dead t-shirt

i also have another Dawn shirt but for the life of me i couldnt find it. its around somewhere.

and lastly, heres my good ol' wallet.

It aint the biggest collection ever but i enjoy it.