Friday, January 1, 2010

My Top Films of 2009!!

So what better way to start out my blog than to do my TOP FILMS OF '09!!

You may not agree with my choices or placement but realize its my Personal Taste so deal with it.

Ill start off with my Top 30 Films of the Year and then include the rest of the list at the bottom. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for checking it out.

So here are my 30 Favorite movies of 2009.....

30. Carriers

- I still dont get why this was dumped in a few small theaters and sent to DVD death. The only reason I can think of is because of how bleak and dark it is. Though you'd think having Star Trek's Chris Pine would bring in some audience. Regardless this was not deserving of the crap release it got. Its definitely worth checking out.

29. Martyrs

- We all know the French are making the most brutal horror films as of late and this was no different. While its not as good as last years INSIDE, this was still a very punishing and beautiful movie.

28. Outlander

- Another movie unjustly dumped in theaters and forgotten about. The plot may sound like a bad sci-fi channel movie but this movie is all about being one thing. BAD. ASS. The creature in this is awesome and the FX are great. Just an all out blast of awesome Creature bashin' goodness.

27. Surveillance

- Jennifer Lynch is following in her dad's footsteps in making truly original and offbeat cinema. This is a great and small and interesting little flick... and who knew that French Stewart could be so scary.

26. Orphan

- Ive always been a fan of the Killer Kid genre (another good one this year was The Children) and id honestly put this up as one of my favorites. Its a thrilling and classy movie with In My Opinion a GREAT twist i personally didnt see coming. And im usually pretty smart with this stuff.

25. District 9

- I know that a lot of lists have this much higher and in the top 10 area but while i did Love it, it just didnt hit me as hard as most people. I think my main complaint is that the main character is extremely unlikeable until literally the last 10 minutes of the movie. Im not knocking it too hard though because it is a great movie. The FX are amazing and i love the story. While i didnt think it was as Brilliant as most found it to be it was still great enough to land at number 25.

24. Star Trek

- I literally had ZERO anticipation for this movie when it was being made as I am not a Star Trek fan at all. The only other Star Trek film ive seen was Star Trek: First Contact which I did like ( i think mainly because it seemed like it had more of a horror element to it with the Borg) but it didnt make me want to see anything else Star Trek related. Then when they released the first Full Trailer for this it caught my interest and well I saw it and it rocked. Who knew.

23. Sick Girl

- Made with seemingly barely a budget, this is just my kind of movie. When your main character is a weird quirky chick, my interest is already grabbed. I loved this movie and even bought myself a little Sick Girl figurine at a convention this year. If your looking for a great little low-budget flick, check out Sick Girl. Oh and youll also get to see the acting return of Stephen Geoffreys (Fright Night) albeit in a small role.

22. I Love You, Man

- It should be common knowledge now that anything Paul Rudd is in will be GOLD. Last year my favorite comedy of the year was Role Models and this was yet another great offering. Ive seen it probably 5 times and it still cracks me up. Now see ya later, Joben.

21. Cold Prey

- While this wasnt MADE this year, it recieved its US release this year from Anchor Bay. I watched this with no anticipation. I mean look at the cover. Its a slasher movie with snowboarders. Yawn. Man did this movie surprise the hell out of me. So atmospheric and with some awesome camerawork and a truly awesome brute of a killer. You dont hate the characters. Theres not an annoying one in the bunch. Easily one of the better slashers ive seen in years in my opinion. I also saw the sequel Cold Prey 2 which is equally as awesome but since it hasnt been released in the US yet, i will include it on next years list. Though if i had included it, it TOO would have made my top 30.

20. Saw 6

- As any fan of the SAW franchise knows, its been on a pretty steep downfall with its sequels. While I enjoyed 1 through 4, 5 almost killed any fan's interest in it. I didnt hate it but it had definitely gotten stale. Now comes 6 and it definitely breathes new life into the franchise. For once it didnt go into a million little confusing stories and it keeps focus. Its also got some fuckin BRUTAL traps this time around and i loved the direction in this which used Less of that erratic Saw editing that we all know and loathe. If i were to rank the series id do it as so:

1. Saw
2. Saw 6
3. Saw 3
4. Saw 2
5. Saw 4
6. Saw 5

19. World's Greatest Dad

- Holy shit. Robin Williams actually in a funny movie again. Thanks to Bobcat Goldthwait for making this happen. This is comedy almost as dark as it gets. And as hilarious as it gets as well.

18. The Last House on the Left (remake)

- I dont hate remakes as much as most people but Most of them do turn out quite shitty. I was looking forward to this one for 1 reason. Garret Dillahunt. When I found out he was to play Krug i was very excited. Im a huge DEADWOOD fan so i knew he could play psychotic well. Even though they made him a more controlled psycho, he did great as expected. Everyone involved with this remake did a great job and its a great film for it.

17. The Wrestler

- I decided to include this for 2009 since it really got its proper release this year whereas it only played a few screens at the end of 2008. So I consider this a 2009 release. Great movie. Mickey Rourke was incredible in it. The fact that im a long-time wrestling fan upped the interest for me and it was just a truly amazing movie.

16. Moon

- I really think itll be a shame if Sam Rockwell isnt noticed by the Oscars this year for at least a nomination. (Though im pulling for Jeremy Renner to take home the gold for The Hurt Locker). A great little movie with a great soundtrack. I can see this becoming one of those classic Sci-Fi movies that everyone loves.

15. The Collector

- I was surprised more Horror Fans didnt dig this. Thought it was an awesome and grisly little horror flick. The directing and sound design were superb and I really loved the Killer in this and was hoping this would be the start of a new franchise with him.

14. Deadgirl

- Unfortunately i missed my chance to see this in theaters but caught it on DVD instead. Such a great and perverse little movie.
13. Gran Torino

- Just like The Wrestler, i am including this on my 2009 list despite it playing a Few screens in '08. This is my favorite Clint Eastwood movie and probably my favorite role of his. While this is a great dramatic piece, you dont realize just how FUNNY this movis is as well. Its pretty much a perfect movie in my eyes that i could watch over and over again.

12. 500 Days of Summer

- I just got this last week after not seeing it in theaters and ive already watched it twice. While the personality may not be the same, i connect a lot with the main character in terms of how i see my relationships and the girls ive dated that i mistakenly thought were "The One" and how after you break up, you tend to only dwell on the GOOD things that youll miss. You block out and forget all the bad stuff that made YOU unhappy. I really love this movie.

11. Knowing

- Fuck the Nicolas Cage haters of the world. There is rarely a Cage film ill see and dont love (save for Wicker Man... ughhhhh). I went into this with low expectations after the critical clubbing it got and was surprised to find a fucking great film. The disaster scenes in this are so intense i was left shaking after each one. This is one of those movies that when youre done watching it, it feels like an Experience rather than just a movie. Loved it. Fuck the critics.

and now for my Top 10 movies of '09.
10. Home Movie

- If you are a fan of movies like Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch Project, give this one a shot. I know those movies have as many haters as fans. I however am a fan. This is a found-footage type film involving a family's home videos where the kids have something Very wrong with them. It follows the same pattern of Blair and Paranormal whereas in those, you know each night, the shit hits the fan more and more each night leading to The End. In this you witness these kids getting more and more disturbed and creepy. Very good and creepy stuff. Lots of moments where you go "ohhh shit.". Highly recommended.

9. End of the Line

- This was a very nice surprise. This is a low budget direct to DVD flick that More than delivers. I showed this to some friends at a movie marathon and they didnt quite get into it so maybe its just me. This is one of my favorite movies of the year and a great little flick.
8. Crank 2: High Voltage

- If you saw my list of Top Films of the Decade you saw that the first Crank is my number 4 movie of the decade. Crank 2 did not dissapoint. I dont like it as much as the first of course but what i do like is its insanity. Sure the first one wasnt realistic (they are supposed to be like live action VideoGames) but this one is just insane. If you even wanted to know what a movie would look like on crack, watch Crank 2.
7. Watchmen

- Ive never read the graphic novel so I went into this not knowing what to expect. What i got was an amazing Cinematic experience. I liked the Directors Cut even more and clocking in at 3 hours i could still watch this repeatedly.
6. The Hurt Locker

- If you read the quotes on the poster, they pretty much match my opinions on this great great movie. This is the one im pulling for at the Oscars this year. Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director... whatever it gets it deserves it.
5. Zombieland

- If you know me you know I love me some Zombies. I was expecting to like this but the trailers for it werent amazing and didnt make me think this would be Hilarious. Im so glad it surpassed those expectations. This movie is the funnest movie of the year and just all around fucking kick ass. Cant wait for the sequel. And of course i cant forget to mention the greatest cameo of all time which i wont spoil here in case you live under a rock and dont know yet. Just awesome.
4. Trick R Treat

- We all waited and waited for this movie and in my opinion... Completely worth the wait. I saw, loved it, saw it 5 or 6 more times... and then bought all the merchandise i could from it including my Sideshow Toys collectible Sam.
3. Drag Me To Hell

- Sam Raimi is back in true form which im very happy about as i was worried we horror fans had lost him to the studios forever. Even if we never get another Evil Dead, Drag Me to Hell is more than worthy to fill its place.
2. Paranormal Activity

- YES I KNOW... There are some people who will DESPISE this movie. And for some reason they feel that everyone should feel the same way. I dont care for that kind of thinking and i say that in my person opinion, this movie is incredible. The reason is that this is the kind of story-telling that scares the hsit out of me. Stuff that gets into your imagination and makes you think of that dark shadow... or that creak in the night. The only movies that have ever genuinely scared me are Blair Witch Project, Session 9, The Eye (original), and now this. If you look at those other movies youll see the similarities. So i can understand that some peopel may hate these kinds of movies but to me they work incredibly well and i love them for it.

- There are movies... and there are FILMS. This is a Film. Its absolute perfection and never boring. Ive seen it 4 times now and its gotten better each time. Its the absolute best movie ive seen all year. And in a year that had some great horror flicks... thats a great feat. I would actually put this as my 3rd favorite Tarantino film after Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs.
So those are my top 30 of the year.
Now ill list the rest of the films i saw this year in order... all the way down to the fucking worst of the worst. So here it starts at #31.
31. The Hangover
32. Coraline
33. Terminator: Salvation
34. Observe and Report
35. Timecrimes
36. Hush
37. Pontypool
38. The Burrowers
39. Chocalate
40. Amusement
41. My Bloody Valentine 3-D
42. The Children
43. G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra
44. Avatar
45. Pandorum
46. Monsters VS Aliens
47. State of Play
48. The Thaw
49. Jennifer's Body
50. Friday the 13th remake
51. Halloween 2
52. Albino Farm
53. Taken
54. Gamer
55. 2012
56. Year One
57. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
58. Lesbian Vampire Killers
59. The Horsemen
60. Eye of the Beast
61. Dark Country
62. Mutant Chronicles
63. A Perfect Getaway
64. Dead Snow
65. Natures Grave (Long Weekend remake)
66. Not Quite Hollywood
67. Screamers 2
68. Hills Run Red
69. Dying Breed
70. Grace
71. Extract
72. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
73. 9
74. Red Mist
75. Big Fan
76. Bruno
77. Simon Says
78. Infestation
79. Sea Beast
80. Dead Wood
81. Alien Raiders
82. Wolverine
83. Taking of Pelham 123
84. Autopsy
85. Kill Theory
86. Feast 3
87. Shuttle
88. Fanboys
89. Butterfly Effect 3
90. Mum and Dad
91. 12 Rounds
92. Whiteout
93. Seventh Moon
94. Perkins 14
95. Anvil
96. Tyson
97. Just Buried
98. The Final Destination
99. Laid to Rest
100. From Within
101. The Unborn
102. Vacancy 2
103. Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia
104. Midnight Movie
105. King of the Hill
106. Red Sands
107. Hit and Run
108. The Killing Room
109. The Objective
110. The Stepfather remake
111. Clive Barkers Book of Blood
112. JCVD
113. While She Was Out
114. Alphabet Killer
115. Ong Bak 2
116. Dead Air
117. Onechambara
118. Extreme Movie
and here are the 10 Worst movies of the year....
119. Black Devil Doll
120. Plague Town
121. Chaos Experiment
122. Its Alive remake
123. The Haunted World of El Superbeasto
124. Header
125. S. Darko
126. Tokyo Zombie
127. Sharks in Venice
and the Worst Piece of Shit of the Year was:
128. Children of the Corn remake.
Holy fuck did that movie suck....
Well that concludes my top of '09 list. Thanks for reading!


SgtPeppers said...

Very detailed list. I couldn't possibly rank every single movie I saw like you did. You also watched a ton more movies then I did. 6 of your top 10 will also be on my list.

Gory said...

Great list!!! This is why I knew mine wasn't complete. So many movies left to watch. Seeing your list only makes me realize there are even more movies I need to see.

I can't believe I forgot about Knowing. That was a great movie.

Enbrethiliel said...


What a great first post! =)